funny maid of honor speechesThese funny maid of honor speeches are great and will give you some ideas with your speech. Not everybody can deliver funny speeches but with a little help, we believe you can. Have a look and have a laugh. You may not be this ready yet but don’t worry you will be, just follow our tips and you will be fine.

And so cool for delivering a speech for your sister as shown in the first video.


We especially love this one and the use of the iPhone is great as both a prompt and a cool new way to deliver a speech.

For most maids of honor, the speech is one of the hardest tasks of the wedding, but also one of the biggest highlights of the reception. It is so important to keep the mood light and entertaining while not totally forgetting the seriousness of the situation. This can prove to be a challenging feat, especially when you throw in those pesky nerves. But to those who are able to pull it off, the response will be worth the thought and creativity that was put into it. Who knows? If you get your funny maid of honor speech on tape, it could wind up a YouTube sensation someday!

So what do you think, could you deliver a funny maid of speech? You can, as you have been chosen as maid of honor for a reason. Go for it, try and liven up your speech a little, can you sing, dance or rap?

Do you think singing is a good idea for a maid of honor – would love to know your views?

Would help and advice on singing help future maids of honor?

Would a free ebook help the maid of honor?

Are funny maid of honor speeches appreciated or should they be more subdued?

funny maid of honor speeches

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