maid of honor speech alternativesMaid of honor speech alternatives, as you know not everyone is comfortable giving speeches or speaking in front of an audience. This definitely includes maids of honor who are very happy with their roles but dread the thought of that one enormous thing required of them during the reception. Fortunately, there are some maid of honor alternatives to the speech for non-public speakers or for those who simply don’t want to go the traditional route.

Maid Of honor speech Alternative number 1 Poetry

Track down a love related poem, romantic or marriage, or a special meaning one to the bride or to both. You are the bride’s most trusted friend, you know her and the groom much better than anyone else and you can use this knowledge to find poems they can relate to and are appropriate for this amazing occasion. Don’t forget to read the poem with feeling, to pause as it is important, letting it convey your message, and let this special poem be your speech.

They will love it, trust me, everyone loves a poem, especially at weddings.

Maid Of honor speech Alternative number 2 Stories

Honor your dear friend the bride by reading from a story or from a book with special meaning to your friendship. Maybe it’s a story you both enjoyed, a tale about friends you both emulated during your childhood, or something about friendship you both can relate to.

Again, this is from the heart, the reception and more importantly will love you forever.

Maid Of honor speech Alternative number 3 The gift of music

Can you sing or play a musical instrument? Instead of giving a speech, try this if you find yourself less nervous doing this than public speaking. Find the couple’s theme song, the bride’s favorite love song or dedicate a song that you believe would express your message best. Practice singing or playing it over and over so you are truly prepared and confident on the day itself. Coordinate with the DJ for cuing or with the band if you need accompaniment.

Maid Of honor speech Alternative number 4 A symbolic gift

Give the newlyweds symbolic gifts such as a plant, to remind them to always keep their love for each other alive and growing. A hiking gadget for the adventurous couple will remind them to keep reaching for their dreams side by side. You should still give a brief description of your gift, but having something particular to talk about helps to focus your speech and your nerves.

Maid Of honor speech Alternative number 5 Important messages

Collect short messages from the couple’s family and friends, or from the dutiful bridesmaids, way in advance. Read these messages during the reception, and simply add a brief personal message, so you don’t have to think of what to say during the whole time allotted for your maid of honor speech.

maid of honor speech alternatives