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Maid of honor speech alternatives

maid of honor speech alternativesMaid of honor speech alternatives, as you know not everyone is comfortable giving speeches or speaking in front of an audience. This definitely includes maids of honor who are very happy with their roles but dread the thought of that one enormous thing required of them during the reception. Fortunately, there are some maid of honor alternatives to the speech for non-public speakers or for those who simply don’t want to go the traditional route.

Maid Of honor speech Alternative number 1 Poetry

Track down a love related poem, romantic or marriage, or a special meaning one to the bride or to both. You are the bride’s most trusted friend, you know her and the groom much better than anyone else and you can use this knowledge to find poems they can relate to and are appropriate for this amazing occasion. Don’t forget to read the poem with feeling, to pause as it is important, letting it convey your message, and let this special poem be your speech.

They will love it, trust me, everyone loves a poem, especially at weddings.

Maid Of honor speech Alternative number 2 Stories

Honor your dear friend the bride by reading from a story or from a book with special meaning to your friendship. Maybe it’s a story you both enjoyed, a tale about friends you both emulated during your childhood, or something about friendship you both can relate to.

Again, this is from the heart, the reception and more importantly will love you forever.

Maid Of honor speech Alternative number 3 The gift of music

Can you sing or play a musical instrument? Instead of giving a speech, try this if you find yourself less nervous doing this than public speaking. Find the couple’s theme song, the bride’s favorite love song or dedicate a song that you believe would express your message best. Practice singing or playing it over and over so you are truly prepared and confident on the day itself. Coordinate with the DJ for cuing or with the band if you need accompaniment.

Maid Of honor speech Alternative number 4 A symbolic gift

Give the newlyweds symbolic gifts such as a plant, to remind them to always keep their love for each other alive and growing. A hiking gadget for the adventurous couple will remind them to keep reaching for their dreams side by side. You should still give a brief description of your gift, but having something particular to talk about helps to focus your speech and your nerves.

Maid Of honor speech Alternative number 5 Important messages

Collect short messages from the couple’s family and friends, or from the dutiful bridesmaids, way in advance. Read these messages during the reception, and simply add a brief personal message, so you don’t have to think of what to say during the whole time allotted for your maid of honor speech.

maid of honor speech alternatives

How to write a maid of honor speech

how to write a maid of honor speechFirstly, how to write a maid of honor speech, is the same as how to write a maid of honor toast in some respects.

Our special thanks go to apracticalwedding.com and this particular article http://apracticalwedding.com/2011/08/write-wedding-toast/ for this article and especially Kyley, who left this post. It is so good we wanted to show you.

When we posted “Ask Team Practical: Wedding Toasts,” the idea was that we would look through the comments and collect the best tips on how to write a wedding speech. Luckily for us, there was no need to pick and choose. Kyley left this brilliant comment about how to give a Maid of Honor (or Best Man!) toast that tells you everything you need to know, in four easy steps:

After delivering what I consider a bang up Maid of Honor speech, and hearing a number of other wonderful ones, here is what I consider the perfect wedding toast formula:

Part 1: I love you both so much.

Part 2: A lovely anecdote about the couple’s relationship and how awesome they are. (Try to stay away from something just about about the bride or groom, but about them as a couple. Talking about primarily the bride or groom within the context of their relationship and their love can be lovely, too, if that’s your relationship to the couple.) This should be the bulk of your speech.

Part 3: I hope you are always as happy, joyous, and in love as that moment. OR This proves how madly in love you two are. May you continue to be an inspiration to us all. Etc.

Part 4. (Actually make the toast.) Everyone drinks!
Keep it short and sweet, and it will be a home-run every time. And now because we go the extra mile for you, a sample wedding toast, written by out very own Columns Editor, Alyssa.

Stacey and James,

I love you both so much. Stacey, not only for you being one of my best friends, but for being there for me when being my friend didn’t just involve late night Wal-Mart runs and hours of watching 80′s movies. We’ve grown up together and I am so very grateful that we did not grow apart.

And James, I love you, too, for not only being such an incredible partner for my Stacey, but for being a great friend to me also. I know you didn’t expect that dating Stacey would include helping her flaky friend after she locked her keys in the car three times in one month, but you are a doll and a gentleman for doing so with a smile and only laughing at me a little.

However, what I love most about the two of you is how you are together. I’ve never seen two people that fit so well in each other’s lives; it’s hard to imagine a time when you weren’t “Stacey and James”. It may seem to some like you two were just meant to be and that fate put you together, but I think to look at it that way diminishes how amazing your relationship really is.

Having been there from the beginning, I know that what appeared to be seamless was the effort of two people who truly loved one another and were determined to make their relationship work. They didn’t just magically fit into each other’s lives, they rearranged their lives to make room.

They changed priorities, made time for one another and learned to love each other’s little quirks… like James’s not-so-secret love of male R&B vocalists. But nothing shows this as much as Stacey, James and the hockey debacle. You see, when they started dating, James noticed that Stacey had a framed Gretsky jersey in her living room.

And, deciding to play it cool, James started asking Stacey if she wanted to go to local hockey games and watching the latest game on TV just so he’d have something to talk about to Stacey the next time they chatted. Stacey, oblivious to all of this, thought James really liked hockey so she enlisted my brother to teach her more about the game.

Because, you see, Stacey never watched hockey. The jersey belonged to her Uncle Mike, and Aunt Laura gave it to her as a reminder of him and how he’s watching over her. Meanwhile, both of these guys are pretending to know more about hockey than they actually do and were starring in their own sports-themed comedy of errors. Eventually, they figured it out… and by eventually I mean seven months later.

However, once these two worked on their communication skills, they had a new favorite hobby to do together… and further proof that Uncle Mike really is watching over Stacey. AND, he’s bound and determined that she marry a hockey lover!

And it only goes to show not only how goofy these two are for each other, but how much they truly are committed to being in each other’s lives. Your love makes us smile, makes us tear up with joy and makes us believe in the kind of love cynics would make you feel is impossible. Thank you for being an inspiration and my friends.

To Stacey and James! (everybody drinks)

And that, ladies and gentleman? That’s how it’s done. Now seriously. Do us all a favor and don’t mention strippers, mmmkaaayyy?

how to write a maid of honor speech

Maid Of Honor Speech Examples

maid of honor speech examplesWriting a maid of honor speech as all speech writing is made easier by using maid of honor speech examples.

Your best friend or sister asked you to be the maid of honor at her wedding. You must be excited then you start to get nervous when you think about the speech. What to say? How to impress everyone? It is very difficult to speak out when everyone is staring at you. You must be trying to find some magical words online to make this day special for your friend or sister. May be I don’t come out with magical answer. But hopefully I want to share some tips to help you.

Plan AheadBut be comfortable if good points don’t hit until later – I started thinking about speech three weeks earlier before wedding. I note down number of inspiring thoughts but nothing was going into right direction. Only a few days earlier when I feel urgency, things started to flow. Plan ahead but there is no need to rush. Take your time and don’t forget to ask for the feedback.

Write freely – Make a draft as no one is going to read thisEven if you are a good writer, you are not able to complete the speech because of nervousness. It makes you more embarrass when you think everyone will stare you during speech. I will advise you to put everyone out of your head and write freely as no one is going to read your speech.

Ask few questions to improvise your Speech: —

  • How it was growing up with your sister? How much you were closer to each other?
  • How did you meet your friend and how you people came together?
  • What are the admiring facts about your sister or friend?
  • Either she was helpful, loving, or dominating?
  • Don’t forget to write about her fiancée?
  • What you have learnt from her and how she is different from others?
  • How much you are going to miss her after her wedding?

Start with the middle – Try to get the answers of all questions that we have discussed earlier for middle paragraphSometimes, it is difficult to start with the speech. The best idea is to draft the middle paragraph before giving it a final touch. Once you are completed, you are free to take suggestions for starting and concluding paragraph.

Avoid embarrassing or negative stories – Retelling these stories at maid of honor speech is not a nice idea – We all try different things that embarrass ourselves, right? Maid of honor speech is not the right time to bring up such stories. Be careful with your jokes and sense of humor. The main objective of your speech is to celebrate a new marriage, not to share friend’s dirty laundry.

Here is the rule of thumb – if you cannot speak out your maid of honor speech in front of your parents then you should not speak those words at all. Besides that try to make your speech short and sweet so that everyone can get involved into it. Once you follow all these interesting tips, you are ready to prepare maid of honor speech for your friend or sister.

Key is to get some great help and as I said the maid of honor speech examples are so helpful.

Maid of honor speech examples

Maid of honor speech nerves

maid of honor speech nervesIt’s all about those maid of honor speech nerves and how to overcome nerves. Here are some tips on overcoming your fear of public speaking and delivering a great maid of honor speech. Some important things to remember about speaking at a wedding reception.

Your audience wants you to succeed – Truly, there is no better audience in the world than a wedding reception audience listening to a maid of honor. Everyone really wants to hear what you are going to say and will enjoy it, don’t worry about those nerves.

You do not have to perfect to be loved by your audience – Have you ever watched a talk show? The hosts make all sorts of mistake and their audience love them for it.
Humility and Humor are always a hit. Being yourself is a lot easier than trying to emulate someone else’s speaking style.

Look at your audience. Even if you have trouble looking a stranger in the eye you should at least look around the room for people you recognize. Unlike a teacher who looks at the class to find who isn’t paying attention, a good public speaker looks to see who is enjoying the speech and addresses them.

Be prepared and practiced. Practicing your speech out loud is extremely helpful. You can do so in front of the bathroom mirror, the dog, or to friends. You don’t have to memorize your speech but be sure you are comfortable with it. If you are nervous the night before, use this energy to create an index card with the main points of your speech.

Writing it down again will help you remember what to say and the index card will be handy while you are giving the speech. Visualize the outcome you want. Think about the mother of the bride laughing at your jokes or sniffling and smiling at your childhood stories.
Work on your volume.

One thing that can happen to people that are intimidated by public speaking is that they won’t project their voice. Even if you are not confident, you can appear so by adding volume to your speaking voice. Try reading your speech into a corner. The sound will bounce back of the walls and give you an idea of the confidence level in your voice.

Have that note card handy! Take a deep breath before you start. You can’t go wrong with full lungs. It will even make your figure look better. Stand up. Use a microphone if given one. Hold around the middle and keep it a few inches from your lips and an inch or so lower than your mouth.

Try not to let it fall because no one will be able to hear you. Try not to hold it too close to your lips or you will get a popping sound when you say your P’s. Don’t get drunk before your speech. Tranquilizers aren’t a good idea either. They will leave you with an inability to react to the situation.

Don’t drink a lot of caffeine beforehand either. Caffeine is a nervous stimulant. It is the opposite of what you will want before speaking at the wedding reception. That’s it. I know that seems like too many things to remember but most people will only need a few tips.

Reference: In The Spotlight – Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking by Janet Esposito, Public Speaking for Dummies by Malcolm Kushner, Bachelorette.com staff

maid of honor speech nerves

Maid Of Honor Speech

maid of honor speechWelcome to our Maid Of Honor Speech website and congratulations on being the maid of honor! 

Please don’t worry anymore, I know a great person and I really like what she has created to help you. She understands Public Speaking is most people’s number one fear, number two being death!! So she has made it very simple for you to make a great speech you will love as will your great friend the bride!!

She has recorded a short message here , I would love for you to have a listen and also read some of what she says, she is an author of several popular wedding speech books and is a renowned public speaker herself. So I think she should be able to help you, and you have nothing to lose as there is a 100% money back guarantee.

You could have your speech started in the next 10 minutes. Good luck to you with whatever you choose to do and I really hope your big day goes well and you enjoy it.

You were picked as maid of honor because you are a kind, loving and supportive friend to your best friend or sister, so all you have to really do is think about your feelings for the bride and groom and put them into words and in the right order. You are really half way there, and we can help you go the whole way by guiding you.

Our top maid of honor speech tips are

  • Stay calm, it is going to be ok.
  • Start to think about what you want to say as soon as you can. But don’t worry if you are not ready yet, we can help you right away.
  • Consider these ideas;
    • How did they meet?
    • What do you love about the bride
    • Why are they good together
    • If it’s your sister, talk about growing up, great times together, how she has helped you
  • Once you have finished, get opinions from people you trust
  • Memorize as much as possible, write some notes to keep you on track but try to memorize
  • Keep it short, 3 to 5 minutes is enough time to convey your feelings

The best advice we can give you right now, is to take a look at our speech examples or we highly recommend trying our book. And keep reading our great web site, there is a lot here to help you and we will add new posts with more useful information for you the maid of honor. Oh and well done btw for getting the job!!

And good luck with your maid of honor speech…

Here is a link to Wikipedia Bridesmaids

maid of honor speech