matron of honor speechWe have put together an example of a Matron Of Honor Speech (head bridesmaid), that you can customize to suit your own needs. We think the Matron Of Honor Speech is so important for you and the bride, it has to be considered carefully.

While our example is a great start, we have other resources where we can help, so read on and utilize what works for you. We wish you all the best, good luck.

Matron Of Honor Speech

Normally follows the best man, so the audience will be warmed up at this point, well we hope so, or the best man has bombed.

Thank you .. (The Best Man’s name) .. for your hilarious and yet heartfelt speech there. I think a few of us have learned something new and interesting about the groom there. I will try and follow that with and enlighten you more about the (Bride’s name) the bride. I’d like to start by saying thank you for all the compliments but all the bridesmaids that are over a certain age are all taken, sorry!

But me and .. (the Best Man’s name) .., the best man, do agree on two things: firstly, .. (the bride).., she does look fantastic, and the dress is amazing. I just feel sorry for whomever it is that’s picking up the bill for it. Only joking .. (the Groom) .. it wasn’t too expensive, but the dress and your lovely wife combined look a million dollars. And secondly, I think we all agree that the couple are a match made in heaven – the perfect couple.

Every couple will have their ups and their downs; it’s inevitable, and they are bound to have their differences.

For example, I asked .. (The Groom) .. what he wanted from the marriage. He said to me that he wanted happiness, a family and to be with his lovely wife until the end of time. And when I asked .. (The bride) .. what she wanted from the marriage, she replied, a new George Forman grill and a large diamond. Not quite the same as .. (the Groom) .. , but still at least she is easy to satisfy.

I’ve known .. (the Bride) .. for X amount of years now. I’ve seen her with lots of old boyfriends, but never happy, or in love. That’s how I knew that .. (the Groom ) .. was the one for her. The first time I saw them together, she was a different person. She was relaxed, happy and carefree. This must have been the way that .. (the Groom) .. made her feel, like the princess she is.

He has shown her that she is special and shown her true love. I know that if I am half as happy and loved as .. (the bride) .. is when I get married, I will be blessed. And .. (the bride and Groom) .., it’s hard to put into words how seeing you together, so happy, makes all of us here today feel. And when we all witnessed you in the church today make those vows we all knew they would last forever.

I know how insecure the bride has felt in relationships before and this morning she was a bag of nerves, wondering if .. (the Groom) .. will show and listing all the things that may have gone wrong. So .. (the Bride) .. , I’ll tell you again what I told you this morning; . .. (the Groom) .. loves you. Your new life as Mrs ??? is just starting, so enjoy it.

.. (The Bride,) .. it is a real honour to be your Matron of Honor. I am deeply moved for even knowing you, and even more so that you would grant me this opportunity. So thank you very much.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please could you stand and raise your glasses once again for the “Bride and Groom”.

“Long may their love and happiness last”.

(With special thanks to Ryan Marshall for the speech)

We hope that you enjoy being the Matron of Honor and good luck with your Matron Of Honor Speech!!!

matron of honor speech